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I’m New to St. Francis of Assisi Parish

If you are a Catholic moving from another parish, or maybe returning from an absence, we would love you to make contact using our Contact Form. That way we can let you know what is going on and answer any of your questions.

Maybe you just want to see what is going on. Under the current Covid-19 protocols attendance at our weekend services are limited, but we usually have room for an extra person or family. We do, however, suggest that you call our office 905-987-5446 to see what the situation is. Alternatively, you can watch a Mass (or main service) on-line.

The Catholic Mass has the same format anywhere in the world and lasts about an hour. If you would like to know more about the Mass, please follow the link.

If you do not feel ready to come to one of our services, you can join one of our Small Groups to learn about one of the topics presented, or simply request our Prayer Group to pray for any concern you have.

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