Small Groups

Where three or more people meet
on a regular basis.

St. Francis of Assisi Newcastle

Even in non pandemic times we sometimes need to belong to a group who can help us put the struggles of everyday life into perspective. Our family might be that small group, but sometimes we need a different viewpoint. The pandemic has made it difficult for us to interact with the groups we normally meet with at work or at play, but we do offer an alternative which is joining a Small Group.

Small Groups are where three or more people meet on a regular basis to discuss a topic of common interest. Some groups may be mixed, others may be gender specific or for a given age group. The topics will vary and may cover life issues or aspects of our faith. They may be held during the day, in the evening or at weekends. The usual format will be some type of presentation followed by a discussion. In normal times the groups may meet in someone’s home, but during the pandemic they will be held as Zoom meetings.

Small Groups may pop up anytime and last for weeks or months depending on the topic. Our experience is that what starts as a group of strangers quickly settles into the comfort of true friendships where members support each other far beyond the scope of the chosen topic.

Small Groups are formed in response to demand, so please use the Small Group Form to tell us your interest and availability, and we will get back to you.

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