Worship in Person

Our worship-in-person protocols.

Our worship-in-person protocols.

During the pandemic we are following the direction of the Durham Region Health Department to ensure the health and safety of both visitors and staff at our in-person Masses. Regular attendees have told us that they feel safe due to our protocols which are as follows:

· As you enter the church please wear a mask and sanitize your hands.

· Please keep a safe distance from other participants as indicated by floor markings.

· Follow the directions of the ushers who will show you to a seat that is distanced from other participants.

· Do not sit by the aisle.

· If you are receiving communion:

· Wait until you are called by an usher.

· Keep a safe distance as you proceed to towards the altar.

· When indicated by the priest, step forward and receive the host in your hands while keeping your mask on.

· Move to the left or right to the spot indicated, lower your mask, place the host in your mouth and replace the mask.

· Return to your pew observing social distancing.

· At the end of Mass remain seated as the priest exits and wait for an usher to indicate it is your turn to exit.

· Leave the church the way you came in observing social distancing. Please resist the temptation to socialize on the way out.

We understand that the ability to socialize at our gatherings is severely restricted under this protocol, but it does allow us to attend Mass and receive communion.

Unfortunately, singing is not allowed as the heaver exhaling would potentially increase the risk of airborne droplets. Music is provided by our choirmasters.

Please Note! These protocols may change with little warning if there are major changes to the Covid-19 rates in our area. If you are on our e-mail list, you will receive notification of any such changes. If you are not on our list, or are not sure, please go to the ‘What I would like to see’ section at the bottom of this page. You can also check on our ‘What’s New’ section on our website.

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