Worship Online

Our worship online tips and suggestions!

Worship Online

During the Pandemic, our Bishop has decreed that attending Mass online is valid for those unable to attend in person or who feel unsafe in doing so.

We do offer Mass online from our parish on Sunday’s at 10:00am via Zoom at this link. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86482720082?pwd=UnB5Y2VnTzFGY2RUd0FvbTZsa0Ewdz09.

Other options are available from our Cathedral at our Diocesan website, and from many other locations. Some of these are livestreaming on YouTube or their websites, others are available shortly after they are celebrated.

Diocese of Peterborough – stpeterspeterborough.ca Go to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter connection to find the link to the Sunday mass, or find the link on our ‘What’s New’ section.

Church of the Nativity, Baltimore offers several livestreaming Masses on Saturday & Sunday – www.churchnativity.com

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Peterborough – www.stalphonsus.net

The current situation provides us with a unique opportunity to attend Mass at a huge variety of venues. While the format of each Mass is identical, the way it is celebrated in terms of music, presentation and homily varies widely.

Here at St. Francis of Assisi, we are searching for ways to make our services more appealing to those who do not attend on a regular basis. Please let us know of any locations you find particularly appealing to you and, maybe, tell us what it is that speaks to you.

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